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When a goddess wants something done, failure is not an option.

Shay Greene’s specialty is rescue and recovery, and she’s damn good at it.

So it’s not a big surprise when the country’s wealthiest woman hires her to find a stolen pearl necklace known as the Mermaid’s Lament.

But the world she’s plunged into? A world of jealous goddesses, their half-human demigod offspring, and long-standing feuds? That was a surprise.

Petty rivalries have a nasty way of escalating in that world. The dangerous lengths the goddesses go to one-up each other leave Shay wondering if they are completely sane. Even the demigods have more power—and more hidden agendas—than she first suspects.

Shay doesn’t have much time to learn how to beat them, though. If she doesn’t recover the Mermaid’s Lament by the looming deadline, it will cost her everything she loves.

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Never underestimate the tenacity of evil.

Shay Greene proved herself more than capable in finding and recovering the Mermaid's Lament, even if things didn't end the way anyone expected.

When a stolen jar containing the captured soul of an ancient, wicked goddess must be found, it's Shay that Lady Califia turns to once again. A jar that must be found before it’s opened by the thief and the evil goddess is freed to once again wreak havoc in the world.

The hunt plunges Shay deeper into the world of gods, goddesses, and demigods. She isn’t thrilled when she learns the best person to help locate the jar is a jealous demigod who’s already tried to kill her more than once.

But the demigod isn’t nearly as dangerous as the twisted soul in the jar. It’s looking for a body to inhabit and has chosen Shay as the perfect vessel.

And it won’t give up until it has her.

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Do what the Queen of the Fairies demands, or else . . .

I was five years old when the Queen of the Fairies gifted me with elemental magic. She told me then that one day she would come for a favor and that I would grant that favor, no questions asked. Twenty-eight years later, that day has come, but the favor the queen asks is impossible for me to grant.

She’s not the forgiving sort. The Queen demands I obey her or lose the gifts she gave me all those years ago. I’ve built my life on those gifts. Without them, I’ll be nothing.

Not to mention that Lady Califia also wants something I can’t deliver, and she’s already demonstrated what her displeasure can do.

An asshole wizard seems to think he owns me, too.

If there’s a way out of this mess I’ve gotten myself into, I can’t see it.

But I’m sure as hell not going to roll over and surrender.

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