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The Ahsenthe Cycle and other stories

 Alexes Razevich



Khe loves her simple farming life until she discovers her incredible ability to make crops grow faster is a death sentence. Terrified, she flees the only home she's ever known for the far-off city of Chimbalay, in search of those who might save her.
But Chimbalay holds its own dangers. When a powerful alien race takes notice of Khe and wants to use her for an evil purpose, she must learn to fight. What she discovers about herself in the process will change her planet forever...


The "otherness" of this culture reminded me of the writing of Ursula LeGuin and James Triptee Jr. (two of my SF favorites). The writing is first-rate. Whether you're a long-time fantasy/SF reader or new to the genre, I highly recommend this unique book.  RK Jackson, author, The Girl in the Maze and Kiss of the Sun

“A wonderful new world to explore for those who want to read something different and new.”  Science Fiction and Fantasy World

Ashes and Rain



Khe and her new sisters thought defeating the lumani would make life better for everyone. Instead it brings a growing chaos—for which Khe blames herself.

Returning to Chimbalay in hope of stopping civilization’s collapse, she finds the lumani had been holding secrets. Dangerous secrets. The kind that can destroy not only her society, but also the planet the doumanas call home.


"This is the sequel to Khe, I thoroughly enjoyed both of these thought provoking books. The ideas in them made me think."  Amazon customer

"An inspirational story that lingers in your heart."  Amazon customer

"It is just a great story part sci-fy part fantasy with mystery, adventure, danger and love all balanced to create something you will enjoy."

                                                                                  Amazon cutomer

Gama and Hest

A mysterious explosion that leaves no damage. A sky that suddenly shimmers like sunlight reflected on water.  For Gama and Hest, friends so close ‘it was as though they were hatched from the same egg,’ these are the first signs that something is going terribly wrong. As their world twist out of control, Gama suspects a new and dangerous intelligence is behind the strange happenings.



     "I was riveted to the pages, toes curled as the

               inevitable unfolded."  WJ Scott, Children's Author, Fairy Dust:

                                                     Bedtime Tale #1

By the Shining Sea

It doesn’t take enhanced hearing for Khe to know not everyone is happy she’s in Chimbalay. The male, Dran, is quite vocal about it. The wily Simanca also seems to be scheming against her. When Khe's vehicle malfunctions and takes her to the wrong mating grounds, it sets off a torrent of events no one could have foreseen—except maybe the planet, Ahsenthe, which has its own plans in motion.

     "The characters aren’t human, yet they are intensely human. The

      world is brilliantly magical, yet as real as a stone in the hand."

                                                                                                   Amazon customer

Shadowline Drift


Reader's Choice Award Nominee -- Best Thriller


Winner Awesome Indies Seal of Approval

Reality and illusion collide.


When Jake Kendricks goes deep into the Amazon to negotiate with a local tribe for benesha—a mineral that holds the potential to end world hunger—he knows he was chosen not only because he’s very good at his job, but because he and the tribe’s chief are both three and a half feet tall. He soon realizes that benesha is not the salvation of humanity, but a threat to its very existence.


Blocking his escape to warn civilization are the dangerous jungle, a mysterious group of indigenous people, a teenage sorceress, a beautiful anthropologist – and madness.



                                          "An unusual story with compelling metaphysics

                                           and rich, beautifully written descriptions."

                                                                  Awesome Indies Review


A town disappears. A new moon rises along with the old one. A woman accidently remakes the world.

Maddie Breslin is a world-class shopper, but a casual purchase delivers an unwelcome power into her hands.

                   "I loved this story. It’s surreal, but with multiple

                   meanings, and some of the fun of it lies in the pleasing

                   way they jostle together. I found myself looking at the

                    world slightly differently after reading it."

                                                                                          Amazon Customer


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