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Murder and dark magic aren’t even the worst of it.

Oona Goodlight just wants to get through hockey practice, but a dead body on the ice means practice is canceled. A secret psychic and empath, she is shocked by the brutal death and shocked again when she witnesses the murder—and the killer—in a vision.

When a wizard investigator asks her to use her psychic abilities to find the murderer, she’s pulled into a battle she never wanted to fight against a grudge-holding foe who’s waited a long time to see her dead.

Psychic and empath Oona Goodlight has had more than enough of the dark side of magic. She wants nothing more than to dust her hands clean of all things born in the gloom and go back to a quiet life in her oceanfront cottage.

If only the supernatural would leave her alone.

Despite her attempts to stay clear of intrigue she’s pulled into a hunt for a missing woman by a client whose story doesn’t ring true, and for the truth for a murdered stranger and a dead friend.

There’s also a mystery stalker, that raging seven-foot-tall beast-man, an angry djinn, and her feelings for the wizard, Diego Adair, to deal with.

When the stalker’s attentions turn deadly, Oona will have to draw on every bit of magic inside her to stay alive.

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Beware the Vulture Moon


When a murder victim's mother hires Danyon and Peet to prove her daughter's coven is to blame for her death, psychic Oona Goodlight and wizard Diego Adair are plunged into magic that's deeper and darker than either imagined.

Things get personal when Diego's mentor mysteriously disappears and Diego vanishes soon after.

With the night of the Vulture Moon approaching and rumors of black magic rituals under that moon growing ever more persistent, Oona has to work fast before those dearest to her are the next victims.

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Grand theft and two murders.
A war that must be stopped before it starts.
This job just might kill her.

Empath and psychic Oona Goodlight hadn’t woken that morning thinking her life was about to change. Her life had already changed plenty in the year since she’d discovered a dead body at the ice rink and fallen in with the wizard, Diego Adair.

She certainly hadn’t expected to be asked to find a stolen chalice and help avert a war between humans and fairies. Or for her mother and grandmother, who famously don’t get along, to go with her.

But the second part, discovering who murdered the Keepers of the artifacts and bringing the killer to justice—that might be not only impossible, but deadly.

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Few things can ruin a morning beach stroll faster than a dead body.

Dead magicals are turning up in the South Bay, the first one literally at Oona’s feet.

Then the body of another magical turns up in a backyard swimming pool. And another, in a water trap at an exclusive golf course. Things get personal when Oona’s grandmother tells her a banshee has begun wailing outside Gran’s window, and it’s pretty clear to all that the two things are entwined. And explains why Gran had gifted Oona with a very special book of protective spells.

Something twisted is going on, and the Magic Council has charged Oona and Diego with discovering who is behind it—if they can survive long enough to discover the truth.

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