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Welcome to the website of Alexes Razevich


I'm so glad you found your way here. On these pages you’ll find information about my urban fantasy mysteries, science fantasy novels, science/fantasy thrillers--and a bit about me.


Thanks for dropping by.


~Alexes Razevich




What's New?

New release, The Bone Card, completes the Oona Goodlight series.







Book four of the Shay Greene series, The Gold Thorn, is live.











Shay Greene, book four--The Gold Thorn

There aren’t a lot of people for whom I would do anything, but the dragon-shifter demigod, Edwin Rasson, is one of them. When his father, the sky god, Ra, is poisoned and the only cure is a gold thorn from a ghost rose, I can’t refuse his request for help.


Only one problem—the ghost rose grows in a nearly impossible-to-reach place. To get there, I’ll enlist the aid of a goddess who hates me, overcome the vicious guardians of the rose, and deal with a god who swears he can obtain the cure. He only wants one tiny thing in return.


If I fail to retrieve the thorn, Ra will die. His death will spark a war among the gods guaranteed to break the world.

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