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Welcome to the website of Alexes Razevich


I'm so glad you found your way here. On these pages you’ll find information about my urban fantasy mysteries, science fantasy novels, science/fantasy thrillers--and a bit about me.


Thanks for dropping by.


~Alexes Razevich




What's New?

New release, Fall of Ashes continues Nic's story






       Seeing the future isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes it's a PITA.

I thought I’d outrun the dangerous people who’d murdered my uncle and

  pursued me across the country–all for an ugly red rock my uncle had given me

   just before his death.
       When The Whispers–the secret society determined to bring magic out in the

  open–find me, I’m kidnapped and taken into an alternate dimension. The

  Whispers want my help in bringing their scheme to fruition––or else.
       To survive, I’ll have to unravel the mystery of the stone and defeat a secret

  society that will stop at nothing to reclaim and use it. With the help of a tiny

  blue dragon, the enigmatic Aiden Maddox, and unexpected allies, I'll bring The

  Whispers to their knees and see their society destroyed––or die trying.


                     Urban Fantasy Reading Order

           Oona Goodling Magic and Murder Mysteries

                   Ice-Cold Death

                  Barbed Wire Heart

                  Vulture Moon

                  Chalice and Blade  

                  Blood and Water

                  The Bone Card

                                                              Appropriate for 16+                                            


               The Girl With Stars in her Hair 

                      A standalone novel featuring Oona's great- and great-great 

                      grandmothers. This mother/daughter story is appropriate for all


         Ashes to Flame

              An Ashen Sky

             Fall of Ashes

             Book three, Flight of Ashes, coming fall of 2023.

                                                  Appropriate for 18+

        Shay Greene: Dangerous Deities

             The Mermaid's Lament

             The Goddess Jar

             The Fairy Queen

             The Gold Thorn

             The Sky God's Crown

                                                 Appropriate for 14+  


To be among the first to know when new books are available, I'd love it if you'd sign-up for my VIP Readers Club. I value your privacy as I do my own and will never sell or give away your email address. Sign up here and I'll thank you with a free Oona Goodlight/Shay Greene short read, Bird Song.












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